Why Learn Creative Writing?

What is Creative Writing?

Writing, crafting stories, who’s it for? Authors, car mechanics and poets, right? What use is it to you? From everywhere you hear how hard it is to get published, how it’s a labor of love rather than of financial reward. So why put your time into learning this art?

Our answer is to look beyond seeking money as the only benefit. The capacity to write creatively doesn’t stop at trying to sell novels or depict a strange fetish. Being a good writer, and practicing the art of writing, gives way more benefits than just upon the art of story-crafting.

The Uses of Fiction and Creativity

There are, on an observable, physiological level, major benefits to regularly writing, whether or not you’re befitting the role. You can be a banker, a baker, even a bureaucrat. It is still going to help enhance your capabilities.

If creative writing is the art of written communication, then it’s the art of clarity in expression, of focusing in on a task and working to understand it. It requires memory recall and memorization of information and ideas; an understanding upon people’s minds, how they work, their motivations and reactions and expressions.

Neurons are firing constantly, bam-bam-bam, the whole time constantly thinking-thinking, thinking of problems, finding solutions, exercising your brain, making it more fluid, more creative, more capable of expressing itself, of analyzing situations and creating rational solutions.

It literally enhances, energizes the processes of the brain. It refines your thoughts, stream-lines the process of thinking creatively, critically, and in all other ways.