Decompile .vmdl_c or .vmat_c from Source 2 to Blender

You want to decompile Source 2 assets and put them into Blender for your SFM or Workshop project for Dota 2, Counter Strike 2 or Half-Life: Alyx, but the vmdl_c and vmat_c files are making it tricky? The process is similar to that of decompiling Source 1 assets, but the difference is the software used for those utilities.


First you’ll need the game installed to your PC. Then you’d want to get VRF (Source 2 Resource Viewer) and go to steamapps > common > dota 2 > game > dota and find the pak01_dir.vpk. This is a dir directory which will list all files within it upon opening with VRF.

Extract the models you want into the respective format you’ll use for importing into Blender, and then just import and do your magic!