Easy Bake – Texture, UV, Procedural Materials and more


Version 2.2

  • Added an Autosave toggle next to the ‘Bake’ button. When the Autosave button is on, it saves the Blender project before baking begins, so if you need to cancel a long ‘bake’ you can quit/restart Blender without losing progress.

Version 2.1

  • Now it exports textures, materials with names compatible with Node Wrangler (so that you can import it directly and it will connect to the nodes automatically where applicable) and gives a warning message when a material doesn’t have a BSDF node.

Version 2.0

  • Corrected an issue in Default Blender where the diffuse layer would render black when using metallic/gloss nodes
  • Improved a flaw in Default Blender by adding the ability to bake metallic maps, which were previously unable to be rendered alone
  • Fixed an issue in Default Blender where metallic and gloss maps would bake as a 1-bit image, resulting in limited monochrome output.
  • Added the ability to bake and export UV maps, with separate options for each map type, which are distinct from baking them directly
  • Enhanced the user interface to increase clarity and ease of use for the options
  • Added a button for each map type, enabling users to quickly initiate the baking process for that map
  • Prevented an error that could occur during the bake process if a non-mesh object was active in the selection