NLA Strip Merger

Merge multiple strips with NLA Strip Merger into one, eliminating clutter and improving clarity. It even offers the option to prioritize specific bones within the active strip over others, reducing confusion and enhancing workflow efficiency.

You’re Auto Keying

Beware the Power of Auto Keying! While it can be a handy tool, leaving Auto Keying enabled by mistake can lead to disastrous consequences and…

Vertex Group Collections

Bring order and structure to your Vertex groups files. Organized into folders and subfolders, named for your maximum convenience; experience the joy of an easy-to-use, sleek file system.

Split Keys: Shape Key Management

Group related shape keys together for easier management and control of your mesh. Up to 3 shape keys can be combined and each value displayed in one place.

UpdateRun: Debug & Programme

One click in UpdateRun is like waving a magic wand over your script in Blender’s Text Editor with terminal clearing, timestamps, completion…

Grease Pencil Collections

Grease Pencil generates lots of layers, so now you need an addon to group and organize them for maximum efficiency of your workflow and…

Objects Parenter – Constraints

Create a cycle of actions: your object will follow a consecutive path without losing its coordinates in comparison to default Blender’s…

DriverRig: Shape Keys to Bones

A simple and necessary Blender addon, with a 3D UI, that can set up shape keys to be driven by bones through an automated process. It can work on any model or mesh, including facial shape keys of any character.

Super Easy Render

Super Easy Render puts you back in command of your rendering in Blender, with its precise framerate control, and many simple, flexible option…