Sprites 2D … but 3D – Dynamic 3D Billboarding

2D sprites have accompanied computer graphics since their inception. The billboarding technique ensures the sprites always face the camera, employing a set of 2D images to create a multi-dimensional illusion, including animations.

If your sprites are primarily intended for use outside of Blender, and you only require a tool for creating animations or static shots, then Sprite Makey Make will more than suffice. You can access it here.


Category: Sprite creator
Blender: 2.93, 3.x, 4.x
License: GPL

Moreover, you can define various animation states for your sprites, such as idling, running, or attacking. If you have yet to generate your sprites, the Sprite 2D + Sprite Makey Make version of the addon offers tools for swift and convenient sprite sheet creation, both static and animated.

This addon allows you to target multiple sets of sprites, each with its own unique position. It enables you to have numerous sprites simultaneously responding in real-time to changes in the camera’s position, either as independent entities or organized into groups.