Covers & Thumbnails

Book & Album Covers

Every book requires a beautiful and expressive cover that would easily send the message across. It’s pretty much what people would first see and how their impression would follow.

Opting in for a 3D book or album cover can save a lot of time and hassle, as changes can be made on the fly, while also having a 3D asset that can be re-used in marketing materials.


The YouTube metagame is mostly about thumbnails, as a good, clickable thumbnail can be the line between success and failure.

Same can be said about articles that would either retain readers, or lose them to the bleakness of the imagery that’s not provided. Our whole YouTube channel is a library of epic thumbnails.

This can also cover product listings (as well as advertisement) that require specific dimensions for thumbnails, and since every marketplace has different requirements, it just a hassle to optimize your message in how it’s supposed to exactly look to the end-user.