Rust by Facepunch

An island, a washed-up naked human with basic knowledge of crafting a campfire, a rock and a torch with surroundings begging to be touched by greatness.

But this island isn’t as big as it may seem, since there are hundreds more of you in different reaches of skill and skin. All of you must fight to survive, until you reach the stage where you fight who is to thrive.

Main objectives of the game are exploration, socializing, farming resources, killing and building. The game is way easier if you have friends to play with, and if you don’t have a single friend then you can still find some or just push through the struggle alone.

Building your house doesn’t mean you’re safe from the greedy or hateful hands of other players and groups, therefore, you must fortify and make your home better with the sickle of steel and stone. Wood is a temporary barrier for those primitive.

When you’ve established safety around your loot boxes and artistic paintings, the time comes when raiding needs to form as it’s a core mechanic of the game. What does raiding mean? It means you create tools for breaking into other players’ homes, thus, stealing their loot and valuables, even their rocks and burnt meat.

There are many details left out of this spot of opinions, since you need not know them all. I’ve played Rust for hundreds of hours and know how addicting the game could be. When you’re stacked and people are chasing you to kill and ravage your pockets, you actually experience the hunter gatherer adrenaline rush our ancestors used to constantly fuse themselves with.

Give it a try, remember you’ll die, and just don’t punish your computer for the screen of failure.