Personal Backup

Why do we even backup data, can’t we just put our time elsewhere and hope for the best in times of cataclysms? Definitely not. I’ve know so many people who’ve lost all their data because they just were careless to backup security.

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I’ve always sought for the best software to backup my files with. Acronis, EaseUS Todo Backup, Paragon Backup and others, but none came to my happiness than how Personal Backup did.

Will a backup restore my pictures, videos and secret documents?

A backup will rescue all your files, at the time of the backup, since what a backup does is making a copy of a file and storing it, hence, you’d have the original file and a copy of the file, which then you can use if something bad happens.

The world has a tendency to break and destroy that which we create, keep or cater to. It’s an inevitability that is bound to happen to everyone at some place at some time. You can have all the luck in the world, but then comes the day when that hard drive fails, that virus encrypts all your data, your senile grandfather beats the crap out of the PC for thinking it’s an evil box of magnetic waves, the thief who’s waiting around the corner or your kids playing around with very strong magnets.

So, what’s is the solution to all our problems which exist in losing data? Wrap your hard drive with aluminum foil and sprinkle it with healing gold specks? Of course not. The oldest and neatest trick in the book is to just copy the files onto another drive, USB stick or the cloud. After all, a backup is a copy of a file that is your way of accessing your original files if they were to become corrupted or lost.

So, Personal Backup does that, you choose what you want to give backup to, and the software does it without the usual issues that may arise from big files, under the copying process of Windows itself. You can even turn the backup files into ZIP, which will reduce the size.