Modular Body Groups


The .zip doesn’t install in Blender

  • Please un-zip the archive and install the .py script.

How do I activate an addon?





(Armature) Object Data‣ Body Groups



Reset all objects set to be created by the body group as well as re-randomizing any ‘Random’ elements


Remove all objects created by this armature’s body group

Spawn Settings

Displays settings for all Body Groups in the armature’s active Body Group Set, depending on the spawn type it will act in different ways:
Exclusive has a drop-down menu where one object is active at a time
Inclusive is a set of checkboxes that can all be toggled on or off
Dependent has no UI here; will be chosen depending on the target Body Group. Ensure the target body group comes before (above) the child in the UI
Random has no UI here but will re-randomize upon Refreshing

Make Real

Makes the mesh no longer a part of the ‘body group’ that created it, meaning it’s no longer reloaded when ‘Refresh’ is used



Body Group Targets the Body Group ‘set’ (collection of body groups) for this armature to use. Only one set may be used at a time. The target set is what defines the settings available to the armature


Stops any random elements from being re-randomized when the Body Group refreshes. This only appears if you have a ‘Random’ element

Edit Body Groups

Body Group Set

A list of all sets of body groups available. This list is shared between any object in the scene, meaning all objects targeting the same ‘set’ have the same body groups and same settings

Body Groups

A list of all body groups available within the set. The body group is what contains the objects and settings which define how the body group works

Spawn Type

The logic used to choose which of the target objects to spawn or not spawn. See ‘Spawn Settings’ above for details

Object List

A list of references to objects which this specific body group may try to access