Lapel Omni Condenser Microphone – Aufgeld

A pro omnidirectional microphone. It’s branded for clean and clear sounds: podcasts, YouTube, interviews, studios and the outside world, tho it won’t fully cancel the loudness of cars and construction work.

You plug it into your iPhone or Android phone’s jack, open your recording app, in my case Easy Voice Recorder, and clap your hands three times in front your camera, so synchronization would be an easy task in the editing stage. This is the best lavalier mic for iphone and android.

Created by Aufgeld, the lapel microphone’s purpose is to be affordable and has the capabilities of improving your audio quality. It’s perfect for blogging and vlogging since it can cancel annoying noise, while clipping easily on your lapel’s spot of notes.

Don’t be afraid of the lapel microphone price, because it’s the best budget lavalier mic available on amazon for sale. The collar mic or lapel mic can be put on and you can immediately record your sweet voice.


  • Affordable
  • Noise cancelation
  • Improved audio quality
  • Long cable
  • Blends in with dark clothes


  • Easily damageable
  • Small soldering connection
  • Bad AUX connection can cause interference buzz

I was surprised with the quality it was able to perform to in contrast to the price, but such surprises of sound recording are not unwarranted at all to me. Sure it can’t rival itself with pricier microphones out there on the market, but the amount of usability you’re getting from the professional little kit is outstanding.

The cable is long and is comfortable to use, while the AUX doesn’t feel even closely clunky. It’s possible you can sometimes forget it is on you, since after you put it on, you just get used to its blending appearance of records.