Fully Rigged, Textured, Animated Pigeon bird

Just blend the animations of walking, landing, taking off and flying in the smoothest style this pigeon could muster. Enjoy the 5 skins, rig, 9 animations, shape keys and a huge, roaming murmuration.

This model has
– 31 bones 
– 487 vertices & 560 faces (with subdivision on, it’s more)
– 9 animations separated from each other for ease of use in NLA (3 idles, 2 flying, walk, run, takeoff and land)
– 5 different body skins adjustable with a slider; 2 eye styles (with and without iris)
– Full body rig
– 4 shape keys (slim-chungus body; open-close mouth; open-close eyelids; dilate eyes)
– swagger


Category: Animal, bird
Blender: 2.79, 2.83, 2.93, 3.x, 4.x
Format: BLEND, FBX (unoptimized)
License: Royalty Free

Fully rigged and ready to flight, the pigeon can undertake and venture on the city street, the forest, someone’s room. Blend in the available animations and achieve smooth transitions.

Unleash the ultimate urban rascals to populate your city scenes in the background or in the focus of the camera. The low-poly style allows for the perfect background utilization of pigeon plagues.

You thought the locusts of Egypt were bad? These are the pigeons of BLENDER!