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Chapter 1: Woken

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Chapter 1

Stillness loomed, groaning across the precast concrete walls. The walls stretched into the shadowy void the darkness conjured, obscuring their scale and form, giving both an impression of infinite size and tightness.

The lurking silence was the only accomplice to the stillness, broken though it was by the echoes of distant droplets: the insidious skulking of entropy’s faint order, streaking rusted crimson tears.

A crack broke out from somewhere above. A coarse sigh followed, as metal ground against metal, two man-size fans shifting into life. It was not loud, yet amplified by the silence, coldly echoing in the humid air.

A surge of energy flowing through, the lights that worked buzzed and flickered, a few bursting with a brief shot of blinding light; sparks hurled down from high above, only to be lost a second later to the inky black which stretched beneath the steel grate which coated the floor.

Sector F256… Emergency restart. Bio resupply in progress… wrote the text on a flickering screen. Another bellowing clang sprang out from the umbra, and what looked like a conveyor belt gave motion of screech.

Furthersome at a higher point where the new light refracted was what looked like many pods with grime obscuring what’s inside. Even uncertainty would hold confusion to the contents within.