Church Pipe Organ – Rigged and with Adjustable Chair

Give your church scene atmosphere with the Pipe Organ with its rigged knobs and keyboard for full flexibility and animation potential.

Echoes strewn across the stone walls, for the slumber of the beast found its end.

This model has
– Fully rigged keyboard, pipe knobs and pedals
– Fully textured
– Chair 116 vertices, Organ 9291 vertices, keys 2136 vertices; total: 14,729 vertices | 11,030 faces
– Adjustable chair
– Two full keyboards of 4.5 octaves and pedalboard of 2.5 octaves with limit rotation constraint so they move like real keys
– 2 expression pedals
– 7 stops with shape keys to open/close
– 135 pipes


Category: Church interior, music instrument
Blender: 2.6x, 2.79, 2.83, 2.93, 3.x, 4.x
Format: BLEND, FBX (no rotation constraints)
License: Royalty Free

Due to its bulky and niche design, the organ is meant to growl unique and beautiful music of excitement or sorrow.

With the fully usable and animateable knobs, pedals and keyboard you can achieve any visual composition to the screen’s eyes.