Is S2FM for ME?

Half Life Alyx gave the release to the newest Source 2 Filmmaker (S2FM) that has more control and flexibility than its older brother: the Dota 2 version. Here we’re given access to all the HLA content in regards to maps, models and textures.

Should I Learn Blender?

So what can you do in Blender? Well, you can make 3D models, animations both 2D (Grease Pencil) and 3D, rendering, compositing (VFX), motion tracking, rigging and…


How does encryption work? Encryption who uses? Which encryption algorithm is the best? Why encryption is important? All of it sums up to security and lack of vulnerability to losing information.

Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

Open Broadcast Software, or OBS, is a live streaming and recording software which anyone can use for free. But how does OBS work? It’s supported by Twitch, Nvidia and other giants.


Handbrake likes to use your processor. But can HandBrake rotate videos? This incredible tool has many options and settings for video manipulation…

Lapel Omni Condenser Microphone – Aufgeld

A lapel omnidirectional microphone. It’s branded for clean and clear sounds: podcasts, YouTube, interviews, studios and the outside world, tho it won’t fully cancel the loudness of cars and construction work.

An Amazing Game

For making a maze in Unreal Editor 4, the first thing I did was to go online and find an already existing layout for a map. I judged it was probably harder than it looked to create a good maze of this nature, and since all I was interested in was the 3D creation aspect …

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UE4 Calculator Calculations

 Setting up the Project ‘Blank’ project template was opened. When it opened, four entities were created in the Content folder: a Player Character, ‘MainGamePlayer’; a GameMode Base, ‘MathGame’; a new HUD class, ‘Maths HUD’; and a Widget Blueprint, ‘MathsUI’. The project’s GameMode Override was set to ‘MathGame’. This allows us to tell the project what …

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