Blender addons

Geometry Builder

Build maps in Blender with the new mapping tools of Geometry Builder, allowing for viewport creation of mesh that snaps to the grid for tasty accuracy.

Modular Pipes Pack

Construct complete pipe networks effortlessly in Blender with our comprehensive model pack. Ideal for maps, posters, and productions, it’s all you need for realistic building environments.

Driver-Rig & Master Shape Keys – Bundle

Some of the most powerful Blender addons Inlet has to offer now bundled together, so you can mix greatness with your shape keys, and level up the control over your characters and objects.

VFX Essentials Bundle

Blender bundle contains multiple packs related to particle effects, volumetrics, overlays, workspaces and visual effects…

Animation Essentials Bundle

Blender bundle contains multiple addons for optimizing animation, modelling and texturing workflows (shape keys, drivers, texture baking)…

Mallet: Modular Asset Manager

Seamlessly connect modular assets in Blender with MALLET: Modular Asset Manager, assets like caves, corridors, and buildings. Easily organize sets with ‘Rusted pipes,’ ‘Steel corridors,’ or ‘Cave style 8’ and customize with classes such as ‘Vertical’ and ‘Junctions.’ Simplify your workflow and build effortlessly with MALLET.”

VertiCurve: Vertex Pathing

Experience VertiCurve’s revolutionary efficiency, seamlessly integrating Bézier curves into soft surface retopology. Generate curves, align vertices, and refine with a click. Achieve smooth, natural topology with unmatched speed and ease. Say hello to optimized workflows and goodbye to tedious tasks – experience the future of retopology today.

MALLET: Material Mode

Material Mode streamlines material application in Blender’s 3D viewport with a single click, making it perfect for map making across game and modeling engines. It also saves countless hours by removing the need to manage material slots and select faces manually.

MALLET: UV Aligner

Enhance Blender’s UV mapping capabilities with UV Aligner, featuring World Align, Justify, Fill, Transform, Scale, and other utilities. This addon empowers effortless adjustments, leveling up your UV mapping experience.

MALLET: World Align

Achieve reliable texture adjustment with World Align for Blender, utilizing world coordinates for consistent results. Say goodbye to UV breakage caused by rotations and positional variations, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. Simply select the object or desired faces, and with a single click, effortlessly achieve precise adjustments in no time.