Combine March

After Gordon Freeman infiltrated and escaped Nova Prospekt, City 17 slowly erupted into a warzone that could no longer remain ignored by the Combine overlords.

All Half Life Endings Animated

Revisit the world of Half Life through the animated endings that will bring you back to nostalgia lane, or introduce you to something magnificent.

Freeman in the Flesh

G-Man wants to share a beautiful song with you about a certain theoretical physisist Gordon Freeman who’d been kept in Stasis for a long-long time.

Stasis Breach

Stasis Breach is a Half Life series about Gordon Freeman’s time during stasis as he accepted G-Man’s offer of employment, after the destruction of Black Mesa Research Facility at New Mexico and the conquest of Xen.

Half Life: Otis

Just like the rest of the security guards in Black Mesa, Otis was tasked with the mundanity of guarding corridors and rooms with white lab coats and indecipherable words.

Black Mesa Money Seminar

A seminar about Money was to be held in Black Mesa, tho it was free, the circumstances around the facility really didn’t give much choice to some of the scientists, including Gordon Freeman who’d been having trouble finding non-spoiled food of late.


Being a citizen in #C17 was not an easy thing, as the Combine was slowly pushing everyone to their limits with the agenda of converting them to their side.

Gordon’s Job Interview

With the referral for a job at Black Mesa by Isaac Kleiner, Gordon Freeman now had to go through the job interview process by bringing his CV and charisma to push him through to employment at the great facility of Black Mesa.

Disco Cascade

After the catastrophe which was the Resonance Dance Chamber, the scientsits of the Black Mesa Research Facility, and the crew from Half Life VR but the AI is Self Aware, had to find another way to go around the rules and have fun after all the laborious work of numbers, formulas and equations.