Beginner’s WriteBase

Chapter 4
Rolling the Wheel

So you’ve got the guts to give exploration to this exciting new world? Excellent choice, you’ve never made a better decision in your life! Guh, sounds like an ad, yea?

You’ve decided to give it a go but do not know how or where to start? That’s is perfectly understandable, therefore, let’s see what are the requirements to push the cart with the currently square wheels.


  • A computer or laptop on which you can write
  • Word processor software
  • Google Docs (free), LibreOffice (Linux, Mac and Windows free), Microsoft Word (paid), Scrivener (paid).
  • If you’re planning to use Notepad, I’ll whack your hands bloody!
  • An idea
  • The idea is like a culmination or a critical point in the story. It must be the most critical moment in it, otherwise, your plot will be weak and ridiculous.
  • Internet (Optional)
  • A normal connection would suffice for usual browser usage.
  • Platforms of distribution (Optional)
  • Such platforms can be Deviantart, Wattpad, FictionPress, Fanfiction, AO3, your own website
  • Please don’t over-extend and try to upload everywhere, as that will demoralize you due to the long amounts of time required. Choose 1-2 and stick to it.