Beginner’s WriteBase

Chapter 3
Finding Inspiration

Sounds easy, no? Well, it isn’t a hard process to initiate, you just have to get out of your head and observe the world around you or just engross yourself in art: be it a movie, book, video game or whatever else of color and productivity. Find what makes your insides bubble with curiosity and imagination, and use the energy to mold, develop and integrate concepts.

Usually books hold the greatest quality of atmosphere, which is achieved by your mind’s beliefs and opinions. They hold the deepest reach to the characters and the world around. Sure, you will meet issues with creating an exact picture of the world, but your emotions will connect, and it is the emotions which induce inspiration’s adrenal motivation.

Movies give us the visual representation, while it is absolutely atrocious for them to give us that deep connection to the characters, because we cannot roam inside their heads, hence, emotions are distanced and cold by the prevailing volume.

Video games, I see them as books and movies at the same time because there is lore and visuals within. Some are so full with lore that you can lose yourself in it: Word of Warcraft.

There are many books you can read about, yet you can live within those books by just playing the game. Isn’t that just a molotov cocktail of visions-endless? When you think about every in-game model, every environment and every tome of lore you’d go through, someone actually sat there and had to put everything of such to words, before artistic work could’ve even begun upon the game!

Everything was created by artists!

Creation is art.